roberto ilufin

20 years old, Pro Surfer, born in Arica, Chile, one of the best places of the world to surf reef breaks. Roberto usually surfs world quality waves like El Gringo and El Buey. He is really good in tubular and big waves. Roberto got the third place en the prestigious International Invitational Championship of Big Wave of El Buey Santos del Mar (2019). Roberto surfs with our models: SOLIDA and NUEVE1000.


10 years old Peruvian Surfer with a big projection. For his young age he has an agility and an innate talent. He is one of the young promises of the Peruvian surfing and he competes in the Junior National Circuit already. Santiago surfs with our model MERO.


15 years old surfer, born in Perú. Matías was the Champion of the Olas Perú Circuit (sub14 category). He is ranked between the best surfers in the peruvian national circuit. He is goofy and he is a typical power surfer despite his short age. His next goal is going to the Junior World Championship. Matías surfs with our model 1001.


19 years old surfer, born in Ecuador. Cristhian was the 2020-2021 junior national Champion and participated in the 2019 Junior World Championship in Huntington Beach California. He has a ver stylish and clean surfing. Cristhian surfs with our model Bells.