I developed the TORQ6 PROJECT at the end of the 2018. I used concepts of Strength of Materials in its design.

When a body makes contact with another element, it receives external forces that alter its shape. To counteract these external forces and maintain its balance, the body reacts using internal forces called efforts. There are several types of efforts; the most influential efforts in a board are torque and flexion.

The TORQ6 project looks for controling the external forces that act on the board and minimize the torque and flexion efforts. The objective is to achieve a more responsive board, explosive, light, a high performance surfboard.

Its construction is made by two types of carbon fibre bands strategically configured on the top and on the bottom of the board, stringerless ultralight EPS foam, heavy weight fibre cloth and epoxy resin.

This board is recommendable to surf on small and slow waves.